Congratulations on taking your first step towards joining Delta Sigma Pi at Sacramento State University. As the premier co-ed business fraternity on campus, our organization is not only dedicated to business, but also to community service events and other extracurricular activities. Delta Sigma Pi will provide you many opportunities to develop personally and professionally through our workshops, informational sessions, and our extensive alumni mentor-mentee program.

As the Senior Vice President this term, my responsibility is to put together a recruiting plan that will bring in dedicated and hard working prospects until each prospect is ready to become an active brother of the Fraternity. We strongly encourage you to attend all of our recruitment events, where you will get the chance to learn more about us. As you meet all our brothers, keep in mind to be enthusiastic, but sincere -–  be yourself. We promise commitment to you, and will provide you experiences to grow but you will have to challenge yourself in order to continue growing. I hope that you enjoy our Recruitment process and wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors.

Sincere Regards,

Terance Dass





Membership Prerequistes

  • Must be a Business Admistration or Economics Major (Pre-Business majors are welcome)
  • It is preferred you have a 2.7 GPA but please do not hesitate to apply
  • May not be a part of another Professional Fraternity
  • Expected graduation date must be Spring 2019 or later

Application Deadline

A completed application must be submitted by Saturday, September 15, 2018.

Questions or concerns regarding Delta Sigma Pi or the application should be directed to:

Senior Vice President, Terance Dass

The Pledging Process

Pledging is a 6 week process followed by the initiation ceremony before finals. The process requires certain standards of responsibility to help foster the growth of each pledge in terms of our pillars: professionalism, brotherhood, scholarship, and community service.

Within this 6 week span, the pledge class must collectively collaborate with their elected officers to plan and execute 3 events listed below.  

The Professional Event: Professionalism is a core value upheld by Delta Sigma Pi and a necessity in preparing Collegiate Brothers for the business world. After holding elections, the pledge class will assist their elected Vice President of Professional Activities in executing an event that includes, but is not limited to: bringing in a professional speaker, workshops, or a corporate tour.

The Community Service Event: Helping and being involved in our community is another core value of Delta Sigma Pi. This not only helps foster our growth, but allows us the opportunity to learn from these experiences. In addition to the professional event, the pledge class will help their elected Vice President of Community Service by participating in volunteering opportunities in the Sacramento areas.

Fundraising Event: Similar to our Epsilon Phi Chapter and businesses in the real world, it will be important for prospects to raise funds in order to decrease costs and run effectively. Prospects can hold Professional Events or various Fundraisers in order to achieve team goals.

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